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The Elsevier Grand Challenge

Try the New Research Tool ‘Reflect'

The innovative research tool ‘Reflect', winner of Elsevier's Grand Challenge 2009, will be piloted on the research articles in the November 12 issue of Cell (freely accessible).

The ‘Reflect' tool identifies the proteins, genes and small molecules mentioned in the Cell articles, and generates pop-up windows containing relevant contextual information, with additional links, about those entities.

Inside an article, ‘Reflect' tags and colors gene, protein, or small molecule names on any web page, usually within seconds, without affecting the article itself or its web page layout. Clicking on a tagged or colored item opens a popup, showing a concise summary of contextually important features, such as sequence (for proteins) or 2D structure (for small molecules).

‘Reflect' was initially developed at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany. Sean l. O'Donoghue, who is coordinating the ‘Reflect' project said, “We wanted to design a system that would enhance the reading of scientific papers on the web. Reflect has already received a lot of positive user-feedback and its user-base is rapidly increasing.”

Emilie Marcus, Editor in Chief, Cell Press commented, “We are  pleased that the readers of Cell Press journals will have the opportunity to  evaluate this new  semantic enhancement tool and we look forward to hearing whether they find such annotation helpful and informative . The feedback on this pilot experiment will help in developing new functionalities that improve the presentation of scientific articles."

IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg, Vice President of Content Innovation for Elsevier Science & Technology Journal Publishing, commented, “(...) the Cell-Reflect pilot connects the scientific article to its external scientific context. Tools like these have the potential to revolutionize the use of scientific research.”

What do you think of 'Reflect'? Let us know and leave your feedback.

See the Cell-Reflect Demo

Sean I. O'Donoghue giving a demo on 'Reflect'
Sean I. O'Donoghue giving
a demo on 'Reflect'

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