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Meet team 5

Note: Michael has been added digitally to the photo.  Michael is based in Brisbane.  The other members of the team are based in Sydney.Team members (from left to right):
Michael Muthukrishna - CSIRO ICT Centre, Sydney, Australia
Robert Dale
- Macquarie University, Australia
Cecile Paris
- CSIRO ICT Centre, Sydney, Australia
Stephen Wan
- CSIRO ICT Centre, Sydney, Australia
Ilya Anisimoff
- Macquarie University, Australia
Julien Blondeau
- CSIRO ICT Centre, Sydney, Australia

Project Title:
Citation Sensitive In-Browser Summarisation of Cited Documents


>> Current research interests related to Elsevier Grand Challenge:

Our team is made up of researchers in the area of Computational Linguistics and Human Computer Interaction. Our research interests include text analysis, automatic text summarisation, tailored text generation, and Human Computer Interaction

>> Why were you inspired to enter the Grand Challenge?

The idea of working with the life sciences data from Elsevier is particularly exciting. Our previous research focused on textual data from other domains including news text and Wikipedia entries. We were interested in applying our existing approaches to automatic text summarisation to real application scenarios in a new domain. There is much to learn when applying existing technology, especially from the point of view of the user who must use the tools we design. All this makes participating in the Grand Challenge an opportunity that is both challenging and fun.

>> What do you see as the greatest challenge in finalizing your Grand Challenge? (whether substantive, logistical, team composition, working solo etc.)

There is so much that can be done to help academic researchers in their use of published literature. We have many ideas and avenues we would like to pursue but only a very limited time for research and development. Narrowing our focus to a limited subset of ideas is hard especially when the there are many captivating problems that have piqued our interest.

>> What would you do with the prize money?

If given the opportunity, we would use the prize money to further research and develop new tools that support tasks involving scholarly literature. We have already planned additional projects for both students and staff researchers to tackle some of the problems we have had to set aside for the moment.

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